The 5 biggest fears of outsourcing work to a Virtual Assistant

If you’re considering hiring a Virtual Assistant there can be a number of fears that may be holding you back. Trusting someone who you haven’t met before with parts of your business can be quite worrying but completely natural.


However, at the same time using a Virtual Assistant can be one of the best things you could do. Just imagine all of the time you could free up by not having to worry about your social media, content creation or other admin tasks. Imagine how much time you’ll have to spend on what matters the most and really help grow your business further.


It would be such a shame to miss out on the opportunity just because of those concerns, which could be completely unnecessary.


So here are some of the biggest fears you may have when it comes to hiring a Virtual Assistant and reasons to hopefully help you overcome those fears. 

1) I Have To Give Over My Private Information


It can seem like a worrying prospect to share lots of personal details with someone who, in the beginning, is a complete stranger. Letting a Virtual Assistant know private information about your business can seem very risky.


However, to put your mind at ease there will be a confidentiality clause within your contract that you will sign with your Virtual Assistant. By law, they are not allowed to share any of your private information regarding yourself or your business with any other person or business, unless instructed to do so.


Not to mention the GDPR laws, which are now in place meaning your Virtual Assistant must keep all of your details provided privately and as securely as possible.


If you are especially concerned about giving your VA your passwords to websites and accounts, by using LastPass (a password manager) you can grant your Virtual Assistant access to your accounts without disclosing the username or password.


2) A Virtual Assistant Won’t Be Able To Do Tasks As Well As I Can


You may feel there’s no point hiring a Virtual Assistant as they’re never going to be able to do a job as well as you can yourself.


Virtual Assistants are fully trained and experienced in a number of areas, therefore, will carry out required tasks professionally and of a high standard.


Your initial consultation will be a great opportunity for you to discuss things in detail with your Virtual Assistant. It’ll be the perfect time to ensure you and your VA are on the same page and let them know if you have any preferences. For example, times of meetings, content style etc. That way the work will be carried out just as you like it.

3) I Won’t Know What My Virtual Assistant Is Working On and Time Taken.


When you first hire a Virtual Assistant, it may be hard for you to trust them to complete tasks and within the time needed. Again this is understandable.


To help put your mind at ease, your Virtual Assistant can use a project management system, like Asana, Trello or Slack so you can log in and see what they’re working on that particular day or time, what has been completed or what hasn’t. It’s a great way to check on their progress and help you to relax in knowing your VA is doing what was agreed.


You may also be concerned that you may be charged incorrectly for the work carried out.


Obviously, no one ever wants to be overcharged. That’s why your VA will usually use a time tracking tool, like Toggl, to keep track of the time they’re spending on your tasks. They will ensure that the times will be labelled clearly to reflect what was done for that certain amount of time. Your VA will then send you a weekly or monthly copy of the time sheet to show you exactly how long they have spent on your work. This will then show you whether you were charged correctly.


4) It Will Be Quicker To Do The Work Myself


When you are running a business and you’re rushed off of your feet, you can feel you just haven’t got the time to hire a Virtual Assistant. You may feel that explaining to a VA what needs doing will just take too much time and it’ll be easier to do it yourself.


However, as I mentioned before, Virtual Assistants are highly trained, and experienced and most likely have carried out similar work many times for previous clients. There’s hardly anything they haven’t done before and won’t need as much guidance as what you think they will. 


5) It Won’t Be Worth The Investment


When you begin to consider using a Virtual Assistant you may feel that it won’t be worth the investment. You may toy with the idea but then feel maybe you can save money doing it yourself, as it’ll be an extra expense.


A Virtual Assistant can help you free up such a large amount of time, leaving you to concentrate on what matters the most in your business. By outsourcing tasks to a VA you are left with the time to concentrate on sales and profits meaning in the long run, you’ll be earning more than what you’ll be paying a Virtual Assistant.


Also, not only will your VA carry out the tasks that you need help with, but they can also set up processes and systems which will save you tonnes of time in the future too. For example, a filling system on your computer, mailbox organisation, schedule social media posts etc.


Hopefully you can see that hiring a Virtual Assistant isn’t as risky as what you thought. Outsourcing to a VA can really help your business to grow, not to mention take some of the stress off of your shoulders.


However, if you’re still a little ensure, talk to your Virtual Assistant and run through any further concerns you may have and I’m sure you’ll see there is nothing to worry about.

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